Operating Ice Arenas Vs. Synthetic Ice Rinks

Is synthetic ice bad for skates? These happy skaters don't think so.

Strategically planning your next move? Glice will put you in the black and help to increase your profits while offering a more green and stellar skating experience for your customers.

Save about $9M over the next ten years!
Whether you are planning on opening your first commercial rink or want to switch from ice to Glice, you can count on savings totaling about $9M over time. And because of low operating costs, your Return on Investment (ROI) will be faster, allowing you to quickly begin making a profit.

Save about 49% on annual operating costs
Glice is the perfect example of “less is more”. When you install a Glice rink you are eliminating the need for water, coolants, compressors, condensers, pipes, special ventilation, humidity control, extra heating costs, major supplies, and equipment repairs. That is a heavy load on your organization.

Glice rinks are simple and easy to care for. Install your rink, vacuum it regularly, wipe it down occasionally, and power wash it annually. There is no messing around with lots of equipment that eventually breaks down and needs expensive repairs or replacements. Your Glice rink also doubles its life span with our reversible sheets which allow you to flip them over and use the opposite side.

Say goodbye to the need for an extra set of hands to purchase supplies, repair fluid leaks, or manage surprise breakdowns that need immediate repair. Minimal labor is needed to keep a Glice rink in great condition, up to 30-40 hrs. less per month than a traditional rink. You won’t need specialized vendors like plumbers or highly skilled technicians. You won’t even need to hire Zamboni drivers.

One person to clean the rink is all you’ll need. Glice maintains its smooth surface long after the crowds have gone home, and you are closing out your registers. At the end of the day, all you need is a vacuum cleaner and a worker with a few minutes to get the job done.

Save on a Zamboni
Glice synthetic rinks don’t require resurfacing. See you later, Zamboni!

A new Zamboni can run upwards of six figures, not to mention maintenance and repair costs to keep it running in top shape. If your Zamboni breaks down, skating needs to cease until it gets fixed. That creates a domino effect on increasing costs and sustainable income.

Glice’s self-lubricating surface always keeps your rink slick and allows for a continuous glide for hours on end. You’ll never have to stop in the middle of skate time to recondition the ice. Glice allows your skaters to continue to skate without the temptation to prematurely leave the facility during resurfacing. Happy customers equal more concession sales.

You’ll also get the most out of your square footage by freeing up space that would have stored a big Zamboni. The only storage needed is for your vacuum cleaner and a mop.

Water & Power
Glice rinks don’t use water or power because there are no working parts – one of our biggest benefits! Maintenance costs will be minimal and consistent with no surprise utility bills. You’ll be saving on the need for massive amounts of water to create and maintain a traditional ice rink, making you a champion for the environment.

An ice hockey rink initially requires between 12,000 to 15,000 gallons of water! That doesn’t factor in the need for years of water replacement due to the loss of ice from constant resurfacing, dehydrating, and melting. Local water and electric companies will naturally continue to raise prices over the years due to inflation. With a traditional ice rink, your bills will continue to grow over the years.

With Glice, energy costs are significantly reduced. You’ll also save on heating costs without a massive block of refrigerated ice challenging the work of your HVAC system. And there are no worries about maintaining perfect environmental conditions to keep ice at its maximum level. With Glice, our synthetic sheets will never degrade due to heat or humidity. You get exactly what you pay for without the growing costs.

Start-up Costs
When you choose Glice over ice, your initial investment will be about 20% less than the cost of a traditional ice rink. You’ll save upwards of $1.5M out the door for a full-sized hockey rink. All you need is the space and a flat surface. Whether your rink is installed indoors or outdoors, you’ll get immediate savings upon installation. Just like traditional ice rinks, you’ll have about the same expected lifetime (12-20 yrs.) Plus, our 12-year warranty can’t be beaten!

Produce More Income!
Owning your own Glice rink brings multiple opportunities for income beyond ticket sales. If you are considering starting your own business, consider these profitmaking opportunities:

  • Skate rentals
  • Skating aids
  • Sponsorships
  • Catering and hospitality
  • Special events
  • Merchandising
  • Retail sales of skates, uniforms, and hockey equipment
  • Hockey and Skate Club Contracts
  • Revenue share from coaching/teaching
  • Private rink rentals
  • Clubs, groups, schools, and organizations

Permanent Graphics
If you opt for our custom graphics, you’ll save thousands over the years. Our graphics/lines are embedded deep within our Swiss-designed synthetic sheets, so there will never be a need to repaint. Traditional ice rinks require repainting due to the constant resurfacing, melting, and dehydration of ice. With Glice, you’ll never have to freshen up your graphics. They are permanent and will never fade. That’s another added savings that will keep you in the black.

It is Quiet.
With Glice, you’ll bring the decibels of an ice rink down to a manageable level.

Traditional ice rinks are continuously loud, with a rating of 79 decibels (soundprint.co), equal to the sound of traffic, running vacuums, and annoying alarm clocks. That is the type of sound no one prefers to be around for any considerable amount of time. With condensers and dehumidifiers howling all day, an ice rink can be a constantly irritating environment to hang out in. Sound is usually an afterthought during the planning process of installing a rink and most owners are surprised by how much sound emits from the electrical equipment. Some rink operators have been known to spend thousands on installing battle on the ceilings and walls to help dampen the effects of sound caused by motorized equipment. Music in the venue needs to be considerably louder to simply drown out the continuous hum, making the atmosphere less appealing for your customers and employees.

Operating a Glice synthetic rink gives you the opportunity to create a quiet and audibly clean space that is much more calming and tolerable to your ears. Because Glice rinks emit virtually no sound, you’ll be starting at a comfortable decibel level before the crowds pile in. Let the sounds of joyous skaters be the loudest thing in your facility!

Join the Revolution
Glice rinks have been installed in over 85+ countries around the world. We are the clear choice among leading organizations like CCM, Coca-Cola, Four Seasons Hotels, Barney’s New York, Red Bull, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, BMW, etc. Our rinks are already tested and approved so you don’t have to.

Glice’s Swiss technology and superior product are a qualified choice for any successful rink owner. When you choose Glice, you are choosing profitability, sustainability, and happy customers. When it comes to commercial skating rinks, less will always be more with Glice.

Want more information? Check out our white paper comparing the costs of traditional ice with Glice.