The Next Roman Games? A Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink Vision

Could this be the advent of a new amusement era in a place of old games? Imagine an artificial ice rink becoming the bridge between past and future entertainment in one of the world’s oldest amphitheaters. Equipped with a Glice® synthetic ice rink and fitting an audience of 15.000 the ancient Verona Arena in Italy could quite possibly become the most extraordinary ice hockey stadium known to man.

A quantum leap in technology, Glice® synthetic ice rinks run without water and electricity. Hence the Swiss-engineered zero-energy ice allows for installations even in warmer climate zones and at venues where the noise of generators would be an annoyance. Get to know the green premium ice here:

Not only does Glice® provide the most advanced synthetic ice in the market, it also offers excellence in service that goes beyond customer expectations. The Glice® team finds solutions even to the most challenging installation ideas and accompanies clients all the way throughout the implementation of their projects. Get in touch and have an expert talk to you:

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