Jaguar & Landrover ice skid testing on Glice® synthetic ice in South Africa!

The world-class car manufacturer Jaguar Landrover has used Glice® premium synthetic ice to carry out skid testings.  Glice® helped to simulate extreme conditions to measure the cars’ performance. Thanks to the exceptionally low friction of Glice® artificial ice, the tests are a real measure of the cars’ braking systems, tyres and engine performance. The testings also revealed the solid material and connection system of a Glice® synthetic ice surface. It resisted the heavy impact of the car drives and brakings without any problem.

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Glice® synthetic ice is manufactured with a high-density molecular structure, which reduces shavings to a minimum. This results in both, increased life cycles of Glice® materials and a cleaner looking synthetic ice surface requiring less cleaning. For more information:

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