Installation of New Glice® synthetic ice rinks at Milandia Leisure Park in Switzerland

Last week Glice® Switzerland together with a team of Milandia completed the set up of a new 450m2 Glice® premium synthetic ice skating rink and 2 Glice® Eisstock Curling tracks of 100m2 each. The 200’000m2 leisure and sports park Milandia owned by Migros Zürich, will open the Glice® artificial ice rinks for the public on November 19th.


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Glice® is a Swiss-engineerd premium quality synthetic ice, also named artificial ice or high-quality plastic ice. Top athletes believe that Glice® offers the most realistic skating experience thanks to its ultra-glide technology. Check out more information on: or get in touch on

Here is the Website of Milandia: Their Facebook:

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