Ice Sports World Upside Down: Installation of First Glice® Artificial Ice Rink in Australia

With its artificial ice rinks Glice® is turning the ice sports world upside down; quite literally so with the first installation down under today. Australia’s climate isn’t suited for conventional ice rinks, but the waterless zero-energy technology of Glice® artificial ice rinks is an absolute game changer. Finally, ice hockey and skating have made their way around the world and are the latest and most surprising arrivals to the array of leisure activities in Australia’s capital Canberra.

Glice® artificial ice rinks function worldwide in any climate and regardless of seasons – affordable and sustainable. Get to know the fascinating molecular technology here:

Discover Glice® artificial ice rinks for leisure and hockey:

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  1. Hello

    Do you guys have any references in Denmark ?

    I am Ass. Coach in Herlev Eagles , Best league DK

    It could be Nice to have or try the “ice” for our summer practice

    Could we work together on something ?

    Filip Faurholm
    Herlev Eagles
    Ass. coach

    1. Hi Filip, thanks for your comment! Our Sales Manager for northern Europe will contact you asap to inform you about our product and options for testing. Kind regards from the Glice team.

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