Ice Skating Icon Jacky Haller Joins the Team to Promote Shows on Glice® Artificial Ice Rinks

Starring in world–renowned shows like Holiday on Ice and Art on Ice, Jacky Haller mesmerized audiences for years. Now the ice-skating icon joins the Glice® team to take a stand on artificial ice and open a new chapter in the company history: Together with Jacky Glice® will offer shows on artificial ice rinks suited for a wide array of company events, such as product presentations, corporate and incentive events or Christmas celebrations. Of course the new show concept is also the perfect ice-breaker for the opening of your own Glice® artificial ice rink. In collaboration with Jacky, Glice® presents three different types of shows, varying in duration and program. All shows are tailored precisely to your event and venue to leave a memorable impression on your guests. Ice-skating shows on Glice® artificial ice rinks are a novel form of stand-out entertainment, fascinating your clients and employees alike and positioning your brand Eco-friendly and future-oriented.

Shows 1-minProfessional ice skating athletes confirm that Glice® artificial ice is the only premium quality product in the market that can actually compete with conventional ice. Read some expert opinions here:

Glice® artificial ice rinks are installed in no time so that you can hit the ground running with your own ice rink business. To order your customized rink visit:

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