Ice Skating in the Desert Country Algeria: Glice® Installs First Synthetic Ice Rink in Algier

Africa’s biggest country Algeria is usually associated with the Sahara desert, which consumes much of its interior. Yet, in times of Glice® synthetic ice rinks, the rules of imagination are rewritten, so that ice skating and desert are no longer mutually exclusive: in February a first Glice® ice rink was assembled in one of Algiers shopping centers and has seen many novel skaters since. A new arrival to the desert state’s set of leisure activities, ice skating resonates very well with the citizens and especially kids seem to take great pleasure in it. Glice® skating aids make it easy and safe for the youngsters to get a first feel of the synthetic ice and are part of an ample high quality accessory line available for Glice® ice rinks.

To see more pictures, have a look here:

Other premium quality equipment for Glice® ice rinks comprises skates, boards, sharpening machines and more. For additional information click here:

Glice® zero-energy ecological ice allows for skating regardless of climate conditions – even in the desert. Learn more about this green technology here:

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