How Do You Choose the Best Synthetic Ice?

How do you choose the best synthetic ice among the many products out there? You got to know what makes for the best synthetic ice!

Optimal grip and glide ratio for authentic biometric movements

The best synthetic ice offers the perfect ratio auf glide effect and grip to resemble real ice as closely as possible for you to reproduce all biometric movements authentically.

Reduced ice shavings and blade abrasion

Another important characteristic when looking for the best synthetic ice is that it produces minimal shavings and blade abrasion for better skating and less sharpening.


If you want to experience the best synthetic ice, make sure it is self-lubricating, so that no glide enhancers are required.

Glice® synthetic ice rinks stand for Swiss premium quality based on a state of the art technology developed by athletes and scientists:

Don’t take our word for it – see what athletes and customers have to say about Glice® synthetic ice rinks:

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