Green Ice Technology – progress with synthetic ice

Green ice technology is a continuously evolving method of making ice rinks more eco friendly and environmentally sustainable. Synthetic ice is often referred to as green ice due to its non-existing water and electricity costs and its eco-friendliness. While synthetic ice has many advantages over conventional ice, the environmental implications of conventional ice play a big role in the rising popularity of synthetic ice.


The world is becoming more conscious of its environment, implementing laws to limit carbon emissions and the amount of carbon footprints an individual or a corporation can make. The ice rink industry uses huge amounts of water every year for the maintenance and care of its facilities. There is great potential for change and synthetic ice is the solution.


Global Warming is happening Now!

The concern for the environment is to be taken seriously; Global Warming is real and it is happening now! We can no longer escape this reality by challenging the significance of Global Warming and the validity of its causes. It is time for change and everyone has to contribute in order to make a difference.

You may think that ice hockey, figure skating, and other winter sports don’t contribute to the detriment of our environment; well, think again. It takes about 12,000 to 15,000 gallons of water (about 50,000 liters) to create one NHL regulation ice sheet. On top of that there are electricity costs to freeze the water. During games or sport events the ice sheet has to be resurfaced constantly to maintain a consistent gliding factor and ensure an unobstructed performance.


The NHL is responsible for about 530,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year, including games, regular season, playoffs and travel. One square meter of conventional ice uses about the same amount of energy as an average home.


Eco-friendly skating

The environmental focus in today’s skating world is becoming more and more noticeable and green ice skating rinks are becoming the preferred option. Synthetic ice rinks don’t require any water or electricity and they can be used season after season with minimal maintenance costs. In addition, most artificial ice rinks are made with completely organic materials and can be recycled after many years of use.


Glice® is the leading expert in the field of Green ice technology. Our goal is not only to make synthetic ice available to anyone and everyone, but also to develop and contribute to green ice technology by creating premium synthetic ice rinks that can really compete with real ice rinks. Glice® is already present in over 50 countries and represents clients all over the world, including huge corporations, such as Hard Rock Café, The American Club Resort, and Base Hockey. With today’s technology and the amazing capabilities it equips us with, the difference between synthetic ice and real ice is minimal.

If you are interested in green ice technology or want to know more about Glice® premium synthetic ice, contact us today and get your questions answered. We are here to help.