Glice’s Review of the year – Global Synthetic Ice Dominance!

It is unbelievable but true… the year is drawing to a close, and we want to thank you for joining us for another year.

After recovering from the Pandemic-That-Must-Not-Be-Named, we can genuinely say that we have gone from hell to heaven in these past couple of years, and it is fantastic to see how far we have come. Glice has become the market leader in premium synthetic ice, and we want to show you some of our most outstanding projects of the last year:



The View in Dubai, UAE

Zahra Lari skating on top of the Palm Tower in Dubai

At the beginning of 2022, Dubai opened a new attraction on top of The Palm Tower, called The View – a viewing platform that offers everyone that goes up to the 54th level of the tower the best views of Palm Jumeirah.

Before the grand opening of The View, the only person that had been on top of the observation deck was the Emirati figure skater Zahra Lari, to inaugurate The View at The Palm with a stunning performance. For that, the attraction was transformed into an ice rink for one day only. With the help of Glice, Zahra Lari was able to drop down on the synthetic ice rink from a helicopter to perform a series of tricks and spins on top of the viewing platform.

By transforming the viewing platform into an ice rink for this event, Glice was able to help The View create a moment that no one that witnessed it will ever forget.

Still, The View will not be forgotten, either! One of the many advantages Glice brings with it is that hotels, malls, and even municipalities can all create a unique experience while also giving their brand significant awareness and attracting people.

The viewing platform of The View was transformed into an ice skating rink thanks to Glice

Tennis Stadium in the US

Glice rink in the Credit One Tennis Court Stadium in South Carolina, US

Glice installed a 6221,54 sqft (578m2) synthetic ice rink in the Credit One Tennis Court Stadium in Charleston (South Carolina), the United States.

As this project proves, Glice is an expert in offering a customizable solution even in what seems to be an impossible setting. From rooftops to rinks in the desert or even on a tennis court, Glice has an option for everything.

Germany’s largest indoor ice rink in Ludwigsburg

Germany’s largest indoor ice skating rink in Ludwigsburg

The indoor ice rink arena in Ludwigsburg, a city in the south of Germany, had been facing the same problem for many years. The regular ice skating season in Ludwigsburg used to last from October to March. For the remainder of the year, the ice was melted as it would be too costly to operate the ice rink during the summer due to extremely high energy costs.

After a lot of brainstorming, the rink operator came up with what seems to be the simplest of solutions; why not continue offering an ice rink that can be used over the entire year? As the arena is already explicitly designed for ice skating, the only thing missing would be the “never-ending ice.”

This is where Glice steps in. With the synthetic ice panels that do not require any water or electricity for the installation as well as the use of the facility, Glice gave this arena the solution to their struggle; ice skating is now a permanent attraction in Germany’s largest indoor ice rink in Ludwigsburg. With an ice rink with a surface of almost 975m², Ludwigsburg’s inhabitants will have something they love to enjoy throughout the entire year.

Home rinks

Glice home rink in Long Island, US
Boy skating on his Glice rink in the basement

A project born out of need during the pandemic is Glice’s home panels – a product considered the best investment for someone’s hockey as it provides the performance to do what you usually do on natural ice.

It is a safe place that allows the owners unlimited ice-time availability, and it is suitable for the entire family – for the youngest and the oldest, and even pets are welcome to have some fun on Glice’s synthetic ice! Check out this testimonial to find out more about the home rinks.

Swedish Figure Skaters Show Talent on Glice Synthetic Ice Holiday Rink

With a crowd looking on, several mini-figure skaters from a local club in Linkoping showed their skills recently on a Glice holiday rink in the old town square. Watch the video to see these aspiring skaters in a seasonal show.

Figure skaters of all abilities can use Glice to practice jumps, pirouettes, and steps. And they can also use our synthetic ice to become crowd-pleasers!

Whether for a holiday performance or just practice, contact us now to learn more about renting a rink or purchasing one for figure skating.

Winterwonderland in the Netherlands

Glice rink in Dutch Christmas market.

Glice arrives in the Netherlands and brings a beautiful winter experience!

Ice rinks are an excellent way to create a unique customer experience. When being installed for a festive reason, they are also beneficial for enabling fun bonding experiences. Glice is the industry leader in synthetic ice installations, even in seemingly impossible settings.