Glice Synthetic Ice Rink Travels across Puerto Rico for the Holidays

Synthetic ice rink Glice

Why share the joy of your Glice artificial rink with just one community this holiday season when you can spread the seasonal joy. That’s just what Rink Del Carib did in Puerto Rico. The entertainment company is putting the rink in five cities.

Each rink stays in a city for five fun-filled days of holiday skating and then is packed up and moved to another area. Glice Synthetic Ice Rink panels are easy to put together and disassemble to move around. It’s a little warm in Puerto Rico, but the artificial ice rinks can be installed in any temperature because no refrigerated ice is necessary.

So if you need to pack up your eco-friendly Glice Rink at the end of the season or move it to another location for fun elsewhere, we can help. Please contact us now if you need any advice or you want to order an eco-friendly, portable rink for your community. You can skate all year round.

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