Glice Synthetic Ice Rink Installed in Oregon for Holidays, Can Stay all Year

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Residents in Umatilla, Oregon, had wanted an ice skating rink for years, according to town officials. A Glice synthetic ice rink was the answer due to its ecological benefits, affordability and year-round possibilities.

“We couldn’t quite bring a real, traditional ice skating rink; very costly, very expensive, but this was a really great alternative solution for that,” said Umatilla City Manager David Stockdale.

Installed for the holidays, the rink will stay open until mid-February. That’s the beauty of our synthetic ice rinks: installed all over the world in time for Christmas, they can go anywhere any time of year because of our unique ice-less panels.

If you didn’t beat the holiday rush, order a Glice Rink for the rest of the winter months, or for a year-round experience. Contact our friendly staff to help you order or rent your rink today!

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