Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink Adds to Leisure Activities in Lima and Gets a Mention on Peruvian TV

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Considering Lima’s prime spot right by the sea, leisure activities like surfing come as no surprise. But recently a shopping center in the Peruvian capital has started promoting a sport rather counterintuitive to the location of a metropolis between desert and ocean: ice skating is the latest trend and thanks to a newly assembled Glice® synthetic ice rink and lessons offered by the operator, the fun activity is already becoming a thing for many visitors across generations. Lima’s latest attraction is managed by a Peruvian Glice® partner who also runs a second rink 1000 km south in Arequipa.

Glice® synthetic ice rinks function completely without water and electricity, which makes the installation feasible even in regions like Lima where such resources are scarce. Discover the green technology here:

For additional information on Glice® leisure synthetic ice rinks check out the products section:

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