Glice® Synthetic Ice Pads Set Up in Swiss Home for Training Use

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The crux with being an ice hockey enthusiast is that training sessions are usually limited to winter months and expensive facilities – it’s not like kicking around a soccer ball in your own yard right? Well, you would be surprised – there is good news as a Swiss home owner recently learned: He amazed his son with a customized ice rink installed to precisely fit the family’s basement. Now the ice hockey sessions continue on Glice® synthetic ice pads for home training all year around and at any time. Talented young hockey players and figure skaters thereby increase their progress considerably.

Glice® makes the customized installation of synthetic ice pads a piece of cake may that be within the comfort of your own four walls, in your yard or on your garden’s lawn. Order your personalized rink here:

With Glice® synthetic ice maintenance costs are minimal as the green technology requires neither water nor electricity. To learn more about the installation and maintenance have a look here:

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