Glice® Synthetic Eisstock Curling Lanes Installed in St. Gallen, Switzerland

Glice® Synthetic Eisstock Curling Lanes herald a new era for an old game. Believed to have originated in medieval Scotland, curling has experienced increasing popularity outside the professional sports-realm in recent years. As a team game and novel arrival to the scope of leisure activities curling is a fun activity for families, friends and company outings. The winter sports center Lerchenfeld in Switzerland’s picturesque town St. Gallen recognized the opportunities of this new trend and ordered two Glice® Synthetic Eisstock Curling Lanes. Manufactured with artificial sheets, the lanes attract customers regardless of the season, while keeping maintenance costs to a minimum.

Glice® synthetic ice revolutionizes the industry by introducing a new concept to the market. Neither water nor electricity is needed for the installment and operation, which makes the technology inexpensive and eco friendly. For more information have a look here:

Glice® Eisstock Mini Curling Lanes are available in four sizes and can also be ordered as packages with state-of-the-art aluminum boards and high-quality Hobby Curling Stones. To order your own Glice® Eisstock Mini Curling set visit:

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