Glice® Synthetic Eisstock Curling Brings a Touch of Winter to Any Hospitality Venue

Glice Ice Curling

The roots of Eisstock curling can be traced back to medieval times, but only recently the quirky ice sport has gained momentum in the leisure realm. The new trend is picking up fast and synthetic Eisstock curling tracks have become extremely popular at wintry hospitality venues, such as hotels, Christmas markets, shopping malls and at company events. This year’s winter season is the perfect time to leverage the curling momentum and mesmerize visitors at your venue with a unique entertainment twist!

Glice® synthetic Eisstock curling tracks function without the use of water and electricity and are completely mobile. To learn more or place an order click here:

The technology that powers Glice® synthetic Eisstock curling tracks is sustainable and affordable. Discover the green future of ice sports here:

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