Glice® Sweden Launch Major Success: Emil Johansson Amazed by Artificial Ice Rink

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”Glice® was much better than artificial ice that I’ve skated on before; the feeling is very close to real ice,” said defenseman Emil Johansson, who currently plays for the Providence Bruins in the American Hockey League (AHL). He had tested the artificial ice rink during the first official Glice® Sweden event, which was held in cooperation with Åseda IF Hockey. The launch was a major success and many people stopped by to get a feel for the artificial ice rink by Glice®.

Glice® artificial ice rinks leverage the superb glide effect of a complex molecular technology. Discover the waterless zero-energy ice here:

Professional athletes confirm that Glice® rinks offer the best artificial ice experience in the market – here are their testimonies:

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