Glice® synthetic Ice Rink as an Eye Catcher and People Magnet at Recent Ohio Trade Show

It isn’t easy to catch people’s attention during hectic trade show days, which calls for some wit in terms of booth design. Hence, at a recent trade show in Ohio Glice® set up an ecological ice rink for a booth and sure enough it drew in people’s eyes and feet. The successful “ice-booth” was organized by former ice hockey player Daniel Fritsche, whose professional career stops included clubs in the US and Switzerland. Nowadays a Glice®partner distributing ice rinks on the US market, Fritsche reported an excellent turnout and that the Glice® ice left many visitors captivated. Even Glice® CEO and co-founder Viktor Meier stopped by and made quite a few new contacts.

Glice® ice rinks are regarded the most advanced product on the market and allow for skating regardless of seasons, climate conditions and location. Learn more about this state-of-the-art technology here:

Professionals swear by Glice® and testify that no other product can compete with the authentic feel. Check out what these experts have to say about Glice® ice:

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