German Hockey Club Opts for Glice Synthetic Ice

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Like for any hockey club, an ice season for Neusser EV usually lasts between six and seven months. It’s too expensive to keep a refrigerated rink in the summer. That’s why club leaders recently became intrigued with Glice synthetic ice, which can be used year-round. The hockey club – located at the Ice Arena Neuss – had a 16x8m rink installed and has been testing out our, eco surface over the last couple of weeks. Local figure skaters have been giving it a twirl too. “Glice comes very close to real ice in terms of its gliding properties,” said Andreas Schrills, the head coach of Neusser EV’s young athletes. With such an additional training opportunity we can increase the level of our up-and-coming players significantly. The club has been so impressed, they are already thinking of potential for rink growth. “If the verdict of our players is positive, we will continue to pursue the topic in the coming months,” said Udo Tursas, chairman of Neusser EV. “We will explore having a permanent training rink in Neuss.”

Have a look at our video to see what the training on our synthetic ice looks like.  To get started on your own project, get in touch.


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