German City Chooses Glice Synthetic Ice for Winter Market

For the first time this year, the outdoor ice arena in the German city of Schwabisch Gmuend will be operated with Glice synthetic ice.

Last winter, city officials decided that one of our rinks would cost less than a refrigerated one and be more sustainable. Mayor Richard Arnold opened the enlarged rink recently with figure skater Corinna Lutz.

“Let yourself be enchanted and slide happily with your loved ones,” a press release from the city stated.

Our synthetic panels use no water or electricity and can be stored and used year after year in any weather. It doesn’t have to be winter to skate on Glice. The arenas can be used for any occasion.

Order your rink now and bring joy and fun to your community year-round!! Get in touch today with our friendly staff who can help you with anything Glice has to offer.

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