First Glice® Top Partner Summit in Lucerne: Best Practices & Good Times

Bringing together people, talents, and best practices, the first Glice® Top Partner Summit in picturesque Lucerne brimmed with learning and laughter. For three days the Glice® core team and the most successful partners got together to evaluate diverse global market challenges, discuss product and service innovations, and put faces to names for those who hadn’t met before.

Presentations on best practices and workshops on the latest product developments channeled into fruitful group discussions and an inspired exchange of ideas with the entire team benefitting from each other’s strengths, creative solutions and insider tips.














From a casual meet and greet with Caribbean feel to sightseeing tours and traditional Swiss food explorations, the program left much space for getting to know one another on a personal level too and the transition from professionalism to hearty laughs was seamless.




















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