Delice Show Figure Skaters Choose Glice as Official Synthetic Ice Supplier

We are very proud to announce that the French figure skating ensemble Delice Show has chosen Glice as their official synthetic ice supplier! Delice Show is a team of extremely talented figure skating athletes and we are honored by their trust in Glice. This is what they say:

“Today we are extremely proud to officially announce our partnership with the world’s leader in synthetic ice rink for professional skaters: Glice synthetic ice rinks. Their dedication to strive for perfection goes in the same way then ours and after trying out their product we were convinced that it was the best partnership for both of us. After all , if our skaters don’t have the best rink to skate on .. how can they deliver their best performance ? We will be able to have the best glide effect for our shows and Glice Rink will have an entire team of Delice Show skaters showing the world that YES you can do amazing things on synthetic ice!” You can read the full version here.

Glice is the preferred choice of professional athletes – read their testimonials!

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