A Couple of Hands & Hours: Glice® Synthetic Ice Rinks Are Installed in Record Time

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Thanks to a sophisticated tongue & groove system and state of the art dasher boards, the installation of Glice® synthetic ice rinks is incredibly simple and fast. Have a look at the time-lapse video to see how this UK rink at Avon Valley was set up by 5 people in 4 hours. If the weather is a little kinder than it is in England, installations can be even much faster. The record is 1:55h for a 240m2 Glice® synthetic ice rink in front of the famous Marina Bay Sands in Singapore:


Glice® synthetic ice rinks are not just quick to install, but also easy to maintain and affordable thanks to their waterless zero-energy technology: https://www.glicerink.com/artificial-ice-rink-technology/

The quality of Glice® synthetic ice rinks is unparalleled, but don’t take our word for it – read the testimonies of professional athletes here: https://www.glicerink.com/testimonials/

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