Glice® Artificial Ice Rink Enchants Guests at Swiss Schifflände Restaurant

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As a fine restaurant right by the Swiss Greifensee lakeside, the popular Schifflände knows how to reel in guests. A Glice® artificial ice rink fit right in with Swiss fondue and mulled wine to complement the restaurant experience and mesmerize guests.

If you’re interested in a tailor-made Glice® artificial ice rink for your venue, have a look at our Swiss premium quality component packages:

Get to know the Eco-friendly technology behind Glice® artificial ice rinks and discover how they function without water or energy:

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Successful Implementation of a Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink at Palestinian Birzeit Mall

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Palestine looks back on a long history, but the future is just as present here! Check out the video to see the simple and effective process from the installation to the successful implementation of a Glice® synthetic ice rink at the Palestinian Birzeit Mall. Popular with all age groups, the synthetic ice rink by Glice® is a state-of-the-art addition to the array of local leisure activities.

Operated entirely without water and energy, the green Glice® technology allows for installations of affordable and ecological ice rinks anywhere and in any climate! Discover the fascinating molecular technology here:

Glice® synthetic ice rinks are versatile and highly customizable for your venue. Get in touch with our friendly team for more information and quotations:

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Up-and-Coming Australian Skater Victoria Alcantara Tests the Glide Effect of a Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink

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Glice® synthetic ice rinks are the sustainable future of ice sports, not least in climate zones where it takes even more water and energy to keep conventional ice from melting away. And who would be better suited to test the ice rink of the future than a next generation skater? Victoria Alcantara, an up-and-coming Australian skater with a national title and state titles already to her name, visibly enjoyed the new skating feel in Canberra! See for yourself how Glice® synthetic ice rinks level with the glide effect of conventional ice.

Glice® synthetic ice rinks function entirely without water and energy, which allows for affordable and green ice skating anywhere, anytime! Discover the captivating molecular technology here:

Our friendly team will gladly advise you on the purchase or rental of your own Glice® synthetic ice rink:

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Best Christmas gift ever! Glice® synthetic ice pad

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No matter if you are a complete rookie or an accomplished professional – Glice® synthetic ice pads finally bring ice skating to the comfort of your own home. Easily installed on any flat surface, the pads facilitate practice sessions in your garden, garage or basement regardless of seasons and climate conditions. Without water or electricity involved, Glice® synthetic ice pads offers the industry’s most realistic ice skating experience at a fraction of the expenses associated with classic rinks. For the first time practicing your ice hockey and skating moves at home becomes feasible.

Glice® synthetic ice pads are available in four different sizes accommodating training session tailored precisely to your individual needs. Place your order here:

Maintenance costs always stay at a minimum with Glice® ecological ice. To learn more about the installation and maintenance of your Glice® synthetic ice pads, have a look here:

Glide on Glice®: Synthetic Ice Rink at Swiss ETH University in Zurich Let’s You Experience the Winter Sports Future for Free

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With its focus on science, technology and engineering the ETH University in Zurich stands for future orientation as much as Glice® synthetic ice rinks do! Watch the video to see how an ecological Glice® synthetic ice rink provides the glide effect of conventional ice, while operating entirely without water or energy consumption. The Student Association of ETH (VSETH) invites everybody to glide on Glice® for free, so what are you waiting for? Experience the future of winter sports until December 20th in Zurich!

It’s not too late to implement a synthetic Christmas ice rink at your venue! Opt for the market leader expertise of Glice® and hit the ground running with our popular Christmas rink solutions:

Glice® synthetic ice rinks consume neither water nor energy, while maintaining the glide effect of conventional ice. Discover the Eco-friendly technology here:

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The Perfect Christmas Gift: Glice® synthetic ice pad!

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Imagine your kids can practice their favorite sport day and night, work on their shooting and skating skills and get ahead of the curve! With the Glice® synthetic ice pad you have the perfect Christmas gift. High Demand, limited Stock in North America and Europe! Order now!

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Ice Skating Athlete Patricia Kühne Performs on Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink at Dresden International Airport

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There is a good reason why professional ice skating athletes choose Glice®! Check out the video and witness the superb glide effect of Glice® synthetic ice rinks for yourself! German ice skating professional Patricia Kühne, who usually performs on conventional ice, was visibly enjoying the synthetic ice rink alternative in the terminal building of Dresden International Airport.

There is still time to implement your own synthetic ice rink operation for the Christmas season! Check out our popular turnkey solutions:

Glice® synthetic ice rinks are operated without the use of water and electricity, which allows for affordable and Eco-friendly installations anywhere and anytime. Get to know the green technology here:

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Glice® Syn Ice Captivates Visitors of World Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo 2017

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With its Eco-friendly zero-energy technology Glice® synthetic ice is at the heart of any sustainable ice sport future. Therefore it comes as no surprise that the syn ice also made its way into the hearts of visitors at the World Winter Sports Expo (WWSE) 2017 in Beijing; check out the video and see how Glice® syn ice mesmerizes ice skating enthusiasts, professionals, leisure skaters and other visitors.

Glice® syn ice rinks represent the industry’s most advanced technology, offering the same glide effect as conventional ice. Get to know the green ice alternative here:

Are you ready to get your own syn ice rink business started, at a fraction of the operational expenses involved with conventional ice and without leaving a climate-footprint? Get in touch with our friendly team today:

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Summer-Smiles Thanks to Winter-Fun: Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink Gives Ice Skating a Lift to the Sunny Season

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What happens if you set up a Glice® synthetic ice rink in a Swiss mall during summer? Spoiler alert: you certainly won’t have a shortage of happy kids with big smiles. Watch the video and see for yourself how a Glice® synthetic ice rink brought ice skating to the summer season at Shopping Tivoli in Spreitenbach.

Thinking about starting your own synthetic ice rink operation? Glice® synthetic ice rinks for leisure purposes come as Swiss-engineered full-component packages including skates, sharpening and cleaning machine, shelves, rubber floors and skating aids. For more information have a look here:

Glice® synthetic ice requires neither water nor energy. This helps you to position your brand environmentally friendly and keep operating expenses at a minimum. Compared to other synthetic ice Glice® offers superior gliding effects and produces much less shavings. Learn more about the technology here:

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TV-Station El Doce TV Airs Clip of First Glice® Synthethic Ice Rink in Argentina

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Argentina’s first synthetic ice rink was recently installed by Glice® and it didn’t take long for the media to get curious about the novel ice with a twist. The Argentine channel El Doce TV sent a crew to the rink in Cordoba and caught a glimpse of what ecological ice is all about. Throughout the video you see how well the newest leisure activity resonates with the local population. The operator offers skating courses for all ages and some of the youngest ice-enthusiasts are merely 4 years old.

For more information on Argentina’s first synthetic ice rink, have a look here:

A complex molecular technology makes Glice® synthetic ice rinks function entirely without water and at a zero-energy level. Hence, installations in any climate zone and throughout the year are possible and keep the popular leisure activity green and affordable. To learn more about the superior Glice® technology have a look here:

Glice® synthetic ice rinks are an extremely successful and novel niche business that has proven profitable for operators all around the world. To learn more and get started on your own ice rink business visit:

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