Around the world in the blink of an eye: Glice® Eco Synthetic Ice Winter Rink at Minimundus Amusement Park in Klagenfurt, Austria

Having a walk from Eiffel Tower to the Statue of Liberty? In between, enjoy a coffee in front of the Belvedere Palace while Sagrada Familia is at a stone’s throw?

Since 1958, the Minimundus Amusement Park in Klagenfurt offers its visitors miniature replica from sights all over the world. One of the most popular and well-known destination for day-trippers in Carinthia combines 26,000 m² of fun and culture for the whole family.

Those who want to start their winter journey on skates can do so on our Glice® eco skating rink at the leisure park’s outdoor park. Around christmas time, the miniature replica transform into glittering, lighten sight, and on the Glice ® Christmas Rink, a few laps in front of the statue of liberty on our plastic ice rink makes even much more fun.

By the way, Minimundus supports children and young people in Carinthia. Minimundus is owned by Carinthian Association RETTET DAS KIND (SAVE THE CHILD). The entire park profit is dedicated to children, adolescents and families!

With its name, Glice ® Synthetic Ice stands for flawlessly functioning plastic ice business, low operating costs and an all-round good customer experience. Glice® is an ecological technology that minimizes the energy and water consumption compared to real ice rinks. In addition, Glice® Synthetic Ice is produced in an environmentally friendly manufacturing process. Learn more about the to-good-to-be-true-technology on

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