18 Insane Synthetic Ice Rink Installations Around The World

Brooklyn Childrens Museum Synthetic Ice Rink

Glice gives you the opportunity to do what was once unimaginable. Our premiere synthetic rinks require no water, electricity, or resurfacing, and will never melt. They are free from any heavy equipment bogging them down like machines, compressors, tubing, and the usual ice rink parts needed to keep ice cold. Once you realize that a Glice synthetic ice rink doesn’t come with baggage, your imagination takes off. All you need is a flat surface, and the sky is the limit. Our rinks are also portable. So, they can be relocated or stored when not in use.

Where are you imagining installing your Glice rink? Here are examples of locations where a Glice rink has rewritten the rules of what an ice rink can do.

Under the Caribbean Sun

During December, daily high temperatures in Puerto Rico reach up to 87F (30.5C) , with humidity levels at about 93%. That didn’t stop the entertainment company, Rink del Caribe, from installing an all-weather outdoor Glice rink to create some seasonal joy. When they learned that our rinks can be easily installed, taken down and moved, Rink del Caribe took their Glice rink on a tropical island tour across 5 major cities.

Synthetic ice rink Glice

The entertainment company stayed in each city for 5 days, quickly packing up their Glice rink and moving on to the next location. Try that with real ice? Not a chance!

New York Rooftop

When the Brooklyn Children’s Museum realized their rooftop was the perfect location for a Glice rink, it was game on. The city’s largest family cultural institution and the country’s first children’s museum continued to be inspirational leaders and revolutionaries by offering their patrons something delightfully unexpected.

This four-month installation was a huge success. At 3,200 square feet (298m^2) of rink called, ArtRink, the project included a Glice artificial ice rink and a collection of works from 16 local artists, setting up a perfectly beautiful and cultural interactive experience.

Airport Attractions

A great deal of time is spent hanging out at airports awaiting flights, transfers and picking up guests. More and more airports are developing means of entertainment for travelers, making good use of idle and bored patrons with money in their pockets. Place a rink in your airport to bring in more capital and keep your visitors happy and active while in your care.

Glice EisstockDon’t have the space for an entire NHL Hockey rink? No problem. Glice rinks are adaptable to any location, including the size. The Munich Airport placed an Eissock track (similar to curling) in their facility, giving travelers a fun activity to fill their time while waiting for their next flight.

At Home

Thousands of skaters are now practicing their skills at home in their own backyards, driveways, garages and basements, saving travel time and rental fees. Hockey players, figure skaters, and family & friend leisure skaters, can spend endless hours practicing and having fun without ever getting out of their pajamas!

Eleven year old figure skater, Leandra Tzimpoukakis, practices her moves on a Glice rink installed in a basement.


This smart location in Malta lets you skate while enjoying the views of the Mediterranean Sea. These residents used their open tiled area to create a great skating pad in a beautiful setting with plenty of sunshine and fresh air; a feat you would never be able to achieve with real ice. A dip in the pool after a hard workout is always a pleasure.  Many skaters have installed their rinks on patios, terraces, balconies…anywhere they have a flat surface.

Poolside Skating Rink In Malta

At the Top of a Skyscraper

This impressive Glice rink installed on top of a multi-story building towering over the streets of of Dubai provides endless hours of skate time with breathtaking views.

Hockey Training Centers

More and more pro hockey centers are turning to Glice to offer quality training at a fraction of the cost.

This practice rink at the G&G Skate Training Center in Ontario, Canada allows their athletes to get a competitive edge.

The CCM Performance lab in Montreal, Canada uses Glice as the centerpiece for their training facility. Watch this time-lapsed video to see how it was created.

In Your Garage

A garage is a great space to install a Glice rink. But where do you put your car? No worries. Our commercial grade synthetic ice sheets are strong enough to hold a car.  Place a tarp over the surface and drive right on top of it. Problem solved.

Outdoor Municipalities

Whether your town has a square, piazza, plaza or courtyard, it is a highly popular gathering place for locals and visitors. Why not also transform it into a winter playground?

This small town square in Sweden attracted townspeople, professional skaters and holiday performers.

South Dakota installed a Glice rink in their famous Outlaw SquareThe popular town of Deadwood, South Dakota installed a Glice rink in their famous Outlaw Square, in the center of the town.

World’s Largest Ice Rink

When officials in Mexico City re-evaluated how much water, electricity and extra work it took to annually build and maintain the world’s largest ice rink, they turned to Glice to set things right. The 43,000 sq. ft. rink was using 49,000 gallons (185,000 liters) of water, and had a monthly energy consumption equal to 4,000 households. Converting their rink to a Glice rink in 2019 was the smartest choice they could make. Zócalo Square’s Glice rink now uses no water and saves on a massive amount of power since Glice has no moving parts.

Mexico City Glice Rink

Resorts and Hotels

Travelers need entertainment. So why not provide them with some skating fun and glean the funds that would be spent elsewhere?  Follow the lead of the Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts who install a rooftop rink at their Baltimore location every winter to keep them happy. You’ll extend your profit margin by keeping guests in the hotel and luring local residents to join in on the fun.

Four Seasons Hotel and ResortsWhat is usually a popular swimming and wedding venue, becomes a Winter Village that includes ice skating, fire pits and holiday décor. The 1800 sq. ft. rink at the Four Seasons Baltimore offers panoramic views of the harbor and city skyline.


The William Vale luxury hotel in Brooklyn installed a rooftop Glice rink, offering incredible views of the New York skyline.

Under a portable party tent 

Have an ice skater with a milestone birthday? A wedding, celebration or corporate event? Install a rented Glice Rink under a party tent to allow you to skate to music into the wee hours of the night.

This private event in the UK rented a Glice rink and were considered champions by their partygoers for their fun and innovative idea.

Atop a tennis court

No longer using your tennis court like you expected? Turn it into a great location for an ice rink!

In a Barn or Other Out Buildings

This hockey player created an incredible space to train young goal tenders inside his UK barn. He transformed a simple wooden structure into an impressive training center. His barn is enabling young players to train in an area of the UK where ice rinks are a rarity. There is no end to the possibilities!


Advancing Innovation

BMW definitely took Glice synthetic ice sheets to a whole new level. They use our surface to test drive their cars under similar winter weather conditions, analyzing how their vehicles handle slippery surfaces.

Dream big! We’ll do the rest!

With a Glice synthetic rink that uses no water or electricity, has no moving parts and doesn’t need resurfacing, the sky is the limit. Speaking of the sky, that’s in reach too. It is only a matter of time before someone to installs a Glice rink on an airplane. Call us. We’ll be there to make your dreams a reality.